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Fabiola Alba

Just gorgeous! I love white though, but nice if to the white we can introduce some greens and reds...stunning! Hugs,


I did an all white Christmas for the first time last year. I loved it, this year I may add a color, haven't decided yet. Either way you go I know it will be a treat for the eyes. I'm so looking forward to seeing what you do.


I can't wait to see your Christmas! I am sure it will be one of my favorite! Thanks for linking up to Home Sweet Home!


Oh wow......these photos make me want to move to the coast all the more!!!! I truly believe that heaven is on the other side of that doorway in your 4th pic. ♥

xoxo laurie


I posted a few coastal ideas on my blog today too! Please pop by if you have 5 minutes.

Hope you enjoy getting ready for Christmas!

Best wishes,

Susan @ My Place to Yours

I was wondering if you'll "kick it up a notch" by adding some traditional Christmas colors to your decor. That gets my vote, but I know whatever you do will be gorgeous! You definitely have a great eye. :-) Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


What beautiful pictures, they make me start decorate now :-)



Kristy, I just spent about an hour looking through your blog. I love everything about it. The pictures are terrific and so inspiring. Loved your dining room buffet/craft cabinet. I think I may just implement the same idea. Thanks for providing such a fun blog to read.

Eileen @ Cottage Beach House

Hi Kristy,
I love starfish at Christmas time. I know what ever you do it will be a feast for the eyes. Thanks for providing us readers with such great inspiration. Enjoy the Holiday season


Yesterday was rainy, cold, windy but this morning the sun is shining bright and I feel like galavanting today..first stop probably will be Home Goods..hadn't been there for a long time and you have inspired me with your decorating projects. I've got something in mind but it may change once I get there. You know if you don't get something when you first see it there, it won't be there if you go back in a day or two.

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