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Love to know where you found those great candle sticks on your coffee table. Really enjoy your blog!


Thanks for your kind comment and for visiting starfish cottage! The candlesticks are approximately 5 years old and I found them at homegoods. Good luck to you! Kristy

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I love the white pumpkins - but I can't find any!! What's a good source to either order them or any stores I can try? I live in Florida too - just on the Jacksonville side. I LOVE your decorating style!!

P.S. I am a starfish fan too!! I have them everywhere!! =)


I found some real ones in the produce section of public. Also check Michaels, JOANNE Fabrics and the dollar store. Another idea is to paint the fake orange pumpkins cream...I have heard of people doing that. Thanks for following starfish cottage! Good luck to you. Kristy

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Chuck Stevens

I recently moved away from New England and am definitely missing the foliage too! I don't think I'll ever outgrow stepping on crunchy leaves! Hopefully I'll find myself back up there soon, I definitely want my kids to enjoy New England in the fall like I did as a kid... Not to mention I don't get as much use out of my leaf bagger as I'd like to!


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